Love Yourself First

It’s a fairly simple concept, but how often are you your own best friend?
So often we expect more from ourselves than we do from others. We hold ourselves to a ridiculous standard and forget that we need to be gentle and forgiving with ourselves. We deserve all the love and compassion we offer so freely and easily to others.

What does self love/compassion look like to you?
-taking the time to journal?
-a warm bath?
-going to bed early?
-reading time?
-going out with friends?
-creating or learning something new?
-a glass of wine? a cup of tea?

It really doesn’t matter, as long as you remember to take care of yourself as you would a friend. I’m very guilty of putting others needs before mine, it’s a very common theme.
However, it’s time to change how we look at ourselves. If you need some help with implementing this change into your life or being able to see the real you, please call 519-624-8392 for a free 20 minute consultation with me.


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